After the events at the Fyre Festival, I found myself in complete disbelief. People spent so much money on what was supposed to be an amazing experience, and in turn probably had the worst time of their life. The events that took place there were so bad, it was getting comparisons to The Hunger Games.

What I found to be even more shocking is how co-found Ja Rule stated he was taking complete responsibility, and then followed up by saying it was not his fault. How are you taking responsibility for your actions if you can’t even admit that it was your fault?

After finding out that this festival will be opened again next year is even more unbelievable. I honestly can not imagine who would want to even attend this festival after what has happened this year.

Although, with the right celebrities marketing it and bands to perform, maybe I’ll be surprised. But my question is, will celebrities and bands want to be associated with this event after the disaster that happened this year? I guess we’ll see.