The Frye Festival has been canceled after multiple unfortunate events took place. Everyone that attended the festival will be getting a refund and will have VIP passes to the event next year.

Founders Billy MacFarland and Ja Rule were just not ready for an event this massive yet. This festival was literally built from the ground up on an island. The team was significantly overwhelmed when all of the guests arrived. Due to the team not being able to keep up with all of the guests and weather challenged, the event had to be postponed.

After all of the difficulties that happened this year, the Frye Festival will be having event experts working with them for the 2018 festival. Next year, the Frye Festival will be taking place at a United States beach venue.

Ja Rule, Founder of the Festival stated on Twitter, “Relieved to share that all guest are safe, and have been sent the form to apply for a refund. Our deepest apologies…”