Ads are something that are seen literally everywhere, but I never really thought about all of the work that goes into them. For my ad, I decided to work on a concealer that I liked, which is the Smashbox Studio Skin Concealer.

For the first part of my ad, I had to make my own poster for the concealer, which was a difficult challenge considering I’ve never done that before. I realized that when you’re working in advertising in marketing, you really need to be a creative person to come up with intriguing, eye-catching ideas. Creating a storyboard was also difficult for me.

The most difficult part of it was coming up with good idea for a commercial. When thinking of a commercial, it’s hard to come up with an idea that hasn’t been done before. After working on my advertising campaign, I’ll never look at another ad the same way, now that I know all of the effort that goes into making them.