Because of the sexualization of a child and the pedophile-vibes I got from this movie, I could not completely enjoy it and also can not find myself supporting such a film. Sexualization of women in general is degrading, wrong and shameful. Sexualization of a child is simply disgusting. For starters, this film starts off showing the child in her underwear.

Should a 12 year old girl really be wearing a shirt this low-cut?

Additional outfits include her wearing low-cut corsets, belly shirts and booty-shorts. This is a movie that has scenes in which a young girl tells a man that she wants to sleep with him and she wishes that he could be her lover. If you think it can’t get more disturbing than that…well, it does:


You may want to argue that the sexualization of a child wasn’t the intention of the film, but based on the international version, deleted movie scenes, and the original script, it becomes clear that it was definitely intentional. In the international version of the film, there are many more scenes in which you can see the sexual tension between the two characters. The reason for cutting scenes from the American version was because of the bad response certain scenes got from viewers.


In one scene of the international version, Mathilda actually dresses up and attempts to seduce Léon. She also tells a hotel clerk that they are going to have sex. The aftermath of that scene is still in the US version, when Léon and Mathilda wake up in bed together. Here are three other scenes you have not seen in the US version:

  • In one of the cut scenes, Léon walks in on Mathilda while she is taking a shower.
  • In the original script for the film, Léon and 12-year old Mathilda actually become lovers and have sex.
  • There is also a deleted scene for the film (which may be found on the DVD) in which Léon gives Mathilda a dress to wear, tells her he likes the way it looks on her, and then whispers to her about sex.

What this means is, the film was already made with sexual intention in mind. Every clip that has awkward sexual moments between the characters was intended to be that way.



Actress Natalie Portman even mentioned in her documentary that when she read the script for the film, it made her cry knowing that she had such an inappropriate role. Her parents were completely opposed to her starring in a film in which sexualized her, but allowed her to take on the role with changes to the script to further her acting career.

Also note, Luc Besson, the director and screenwriter for the film is actually a pedophile. At age 32, he married and had a child with a 15 year old girl. I think it is quite impossible to claim that Léon: The Professional is not a pedophile movie when knowing the film was actually made by a legitimate pedophile.

Check out the sex scene in the original script: