If you’re like myself, you’re tired of seeing just white culture depicted on film.  People of color are having a demographic growth in America and in a few years, we may be the majority. When watching a film, I love to see characters with diverse backgrounds. Being a Hispanic woman, I would love to see more people of color and characters that I can relate to in movies.

2017 seems to be a good year for diversity in film, with these 5 films that are either in theaters now or will be released later this year:

  1. Power Rangers  (Released on March 24)
Director: Dean Isrealite, Screenplay: John Gatins

4 out of the 5 Power Rangers are people of color, with Naomi Scott who is of Indian descent, Chinese-Canadian actor Ludi Lin, Mexican singer/rapper Becky G, and African-American actor RJ Cyler.

Power Rangers is about a group of teenagers that gain superpowers, test their capabilities and attempt to save the world.


2. Spider-Man: Homecoming (Releasing July 6)

Director: Jon Watts, Screenplay: Jonathan Goldstein

Spider-Man: Homecoming is featuring a wide array of diverse actors. Among these actors are singer/actress Zendaya, Tony Revolori who is best known for his role in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Donald Glover from Community, upcoming actress Laura Harrier, and a new Filipino actor named Jacob Batalon.

This new Spider-Man film shows a young Peter Parker attempting to be a good enough superhero to impress his mentor Tony Stark, while struggling with a secret identity and battling a new foe, The Vulture.


3. The Dark Tower (Releasing August 4th)

dark tower
Director/Screenplay: Nikolaj Arcel,

The Dark Tower is a film starring Idris Elba based on a series of novels by Stephen King.

Elba will be playing the last gunslinger that is on a mission to stop the Man in Black from destroying the dark tower, which holds the universe together.


4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Releasing December 15)

Director/Screenplay: Rian Johnson

Nigerian actor John Boyega, Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac and Puerto Rican actor Benicio Del Toro will be starring in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

The Last Jedi takes place after the events of The Force Awakens and will continue on with the story of Rey, Luke and Leia.


5. The Belko Experiment (Released on March 17)

Director: Greg McLean, Screenplay: James Gunn

Starring two Puerto Rican actresses Melonie Diaz and Adria Arjona, The Belko Experiment is about 80 business employees that are trapped in their building and are forced to be a part of a deadly game.


Be sure to check out these films, and remember, the more money films with people of color make- the more likely that diverse films will be made!