The percentage of women getting cosmetic procedures done is on the rise, in 2015 the amount of procedures went up by 2% from the previous year.

Many women say that their reason for getting these procedures done is for their own confidence and not to impress men. I’m not saying that these women are liars, but I think we should consider why surgically changing your appearance would boost your confidence. Who gave women the idea that having bigger breasts, butts and a flat stomach would make them more attractive?

The media did. Movies,  music videos, video games and magazines.

Now let’s put this into perspective:

7% of directors, 22% of game developers and 3% of creative directors at marketing and advertising companies are women. This means that the majority of the people in charge are men. Men are the people giving women the image of what we “should” look like.

The representation, portrayal and objectification can have an effect on women and men. Our media and society are promoting unrealistic body standards.

Many young girls are unhappy with their bodies, are constantly dieting, and are considering and undergoing cosmetic procedures. Sexualization of women in the media causes girls to have anxiety about their appearance, shame of their body, and is associated with negative mental health outcomes in adolescent girls. Studies have shown that anorexia nervosa in girls ages 10-19 have been linked to changes in fashion and the idealized body image.

Do you think that if women didn’t constantly see the small waist/hour-glass figure in the media that we would still want to look like that?

Considering men have a lot to do with objectification of women in the media, it’s important for men to also be aware of this.

We, as a society, need to alter the way women are viewed, portrayed, and represented.