If you’ve seen the trailer at all, you should have noticed one character was sexualized quite a bit, and it most definitely wasn’t any of the guys. It was Harley Quinn. In the second promotional trailer, there’s a scene of her bending over to show off her behind. In the next trailer, there’s actually a close-up shot of her lifting her shirt up and revealing her underwear. So if you’re wondering why this is an issue, here’s why:

  • Women are already objectified more than men in films
  •  The majority of women in film with speaking roles (usually not many) are sexualized in some sort of way
  • And most importantly, there’s this idea that sex sells, particularly with a “sexy” woman.

We all know that there’s the issue of females not getting the leading roles they deserve, and that’s because behind a lot of these Hollywood movies are a lot of men. Men are creating these films, and sadly, the men that make films often believe that the only way people would want to see a woman is if she’s sexualized in some way. Especially for an action movie, it is believed that women aren’t interested in action films, so they often tailor those films for men, in the same way that comic-books do.

This movie is promoting the idea that a sexy woman sells. A woman is more than just a sex symbol, and female characters deserve better than that. Especially a character such as Harley Quinn, whose original comic-book costume isn’t even slightly revealing.

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