As mentioned in a previous post, women aren’t only underrepresented in superhero movies, but in many other films too. In the year 2013, out of the 100 highest grossing films, females only made up 15 percent of protagonists and only 30 percent of speaking roles. 

In addition to that, women are also sexualized much more than men in films. Huffington Post’s editor Emma Gray reported,Researchers found that 31.6 percent of female characters were shown wearing stereotypically “sexy” clothing, compared to 7 percent of male characters, and 31 percent of these women were shown partially nude, compared to 9.4 percent of the men.” Her report is based on the year 2012. 

In the same way men are dominating in the comic-book and superhero industry, they’re dominating both behind the scenes and on screen in the film industry. Out of the directors, producers, and screenwriters that worked on the top 100 grossing films in 2012, only 16.7 percent were women. Women that are apart of making films are less likely to objectify women, but it is difficult for them to get the money to make them. 

 It is believed that women are not a money making demographic even though many critically acclaimed films such as Monsoon Wedding, Frida, and The Hurt Locker were directed by women. If females were given more opportunities to write and direct films, then maybe women wouldn’t be underrepresented in film.